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Analog Fine Art Photography

Michael Gelbhaar

The process of using reality as a tool for translating one’s inner self and representation of the world into an art object that can make others resonate.

My Fine Art works serve exclusively the aesthetic realization of my visions. They are sometimes airy and delicate, sometimes brutal and gloomy. I design my analog artistic works completely independent of external conventions or even reality, because I see the entire artistic process as an act of creation, which finds its completion in handmade high-quality analogue photo prints.

Portrait of Michael Gelbhaar

Michael Gelbhaar

Fine Art Photographer

My name is Michael Gelbhaar. However, I am better known under the pseudonym The Analog Poet. My passion is analogue fine art photography on film of contemporary abstract and darkly staged portraits, wedding couples and editorials. Accordingly, I photograph almost exclusively on classic black and white film and tungsten color film in 35mm, medium format and large format up to 8×10 inches.


What Michael shoots

Fine Art Portraits

Analog Fine Art Portrait Photography for unusual, creative and stunning portraits.

Fine Art Wedding

Analog Fine Art Wedding Photography with a focus on creating artistic, stylish und timeless images.

Fine Art Editorial

Analog Fine Art Editorial Photography that forms a symbiosis of commercial and conceptual art photography.

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What Michael loves

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